Club Banner Patches w/Anniversary Chevrons
$100 initial and $100 annually thereafter

$100 Contributing Member
(CLF Contributing Pin)

$500 Life Member
(CLF Life Member Pin & Recognition Plaque)

$1000 President Kay K. Fukushima Fellowship
(CLF President Fellowship Pin & Recognition Plaque)

Progressive President Kay K. Fukushima
fellowship levels for additional $1000 donations
*Fellowship Contribution are cumulative towards President K Fellowships

Car, Boat, RV and Motor Home Donations Program

Net proceeds from the donation and sale of a car, boat, RV or motor homes are tax deductible.  To make a donation please call 855 500-7433 or go the web site for CARS (at  When going to the web site it takes the following easy steps to get the process started:

( 1 ) Click on “Find a Nonprofit”

( 2 ) Enter California Lions Foundation in the “Search” box

( 3 ) Click on the California Lions Foundation box

( 4 ) Complete the requested “Donor Information”

( 5 ) Then  “Submit”.

Planned Giving/Bequests/Memorial program
Anyone may send a gift in memory of a deceased relative or friend or in honor of a loved one.

A partnership spotlights major conributions that would have an immediate impact to the foundation in both assets and marketability. More and more California corporations are actively seeking partnerships with local foundations as part of their “Social Mission.” In today’s growing socially aware business world, it is not enough to generate a great product, but a company must also show how it is giving back. The Lions of California are a natural fit for these California-based companies.

Partnership Levels
Bronze: Up to $5,000
Silver: Up to $7,500
Gold: Up to $10,000
Knight of the Blind: Over $10,000